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So Why This Website?

Cambodia has Asia's second fastest-growing economy. That is bringing a steady flow of new people who plan to do business or retire in Siem Reap. We want to provide a resource for these people around the world to make it easier for them to find possible places to live before they arrive. We also want to give landlords and real estate people an economical way to reach a larger global audience. Posting free in Facebook Siem Reap groups for expats does not deliver "global reach" for real estate.

Who We Are is the brainchild of a foreigner who semi-retired to Siem Reap after living and working for 21 years in Bangkok. (Siem Reap had been a second home for about fifteen years.) He is a marketing consultant with more than 30 years experience with web development and internet marketing. He founded and ran one of Asia's early pioneering internet-based tour companies. Over the years he has developed (or rehabilitated) nearly 100 e-commerce sites, sites for small businesses and NGO's. He thought of this site after his somewhat-difficult experiences working with several Siem Reap agents to find a home that met his criteria. He thought that the whole process could have been done "easier, better, and faster."

Why Partner With Us?

Our #1 objective is to deliver quality prospective clients to the landlords, brokers and agents who work with us.

As we grow, our industry partners will grow with us, and we have the experience to grow quickly. We know how to optimize websites for search engines. We plan to spend 30% to 50% of our monthly revenue on promoting this site to build both traffic and reputation for honesty and quality.

If your company has a website of your own, congratulations! Whether or not it is delivering sales leads depends on the hard work of the people who created and manage it. We are not here to compete with your website, we are here to compliment what you already doing by reaching potential clients who are not already finding you.

Facebook Is Not Enough

Have a Facebook page? While social media is one of many components in an effective digital marketing strategy, it's not enough. If your only strategy is to post listings in Facebook groups, you are not coming anywhere close to reaching the potential number of people looking for the properties you represent. Within an hour your ad will slip to the bottom of the page, beyond the reach of most group members.

The current expat group pages on FB are destined to fail because administrators do not  exercise any control over content. Just like some realtors, people selling cosmetics, fake medicine, handbags, decorative wooden items,  and all kinds of other things just because posting there is free. Unfortunately for group members, these sellers are clogging the groups' pages. They are not bothering to communicate in English, so group pages are losing their audiences.

Believe it or not there are people who do not use Facebook, and some Facebook users who will not join groups, and many Facebook users who do not realize they can find a house or apartment on Facebook, but rely largely on search engine results.

"Partnering" with us means much more than us taking your money. We are marketing experts with unique insights we want to share with you. We want to be a service you rely on for objective advice and, ultimately, financial success. If you are curious about what we are doing, let's get together for coffee to discuss it and get to know each other.

How This Works

We will give you all the details you need in the page that follows. In brief, you "subscribe" to this service for three months at a time. We will publish attractive, well-written listings with photos. Once you sign up you can have a maxium of five free listing on this site. You can replace old listings any time with new ones. How many additional listings you can publish month depends on the subscription you choose, if any. For hotels offering long term rentals or rooms converted to apartments, and landlords renting single units or multiple units in one building there is a flat fee. We think costs are pretty reasonable and we are offering the most attractive rates for those who team up with us early.

The next step is to register your business with us. Registration is free and you will get a few free listings when our site debuts in June 2020.

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