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To publish your rental listings on you must register first. If you are a real estate professional you can register on behlf of your company. If two or more agents want to publish listings they must do so through the company's account.

What We Will Publish

We will publish residential listings for houses, villas, townhouses, and duplexes for rental periods of six months or longer, and for "short term" room or apartment rentals of 14 to 90 days.

If you represent a large residential property you can also promote it as a potential business location (like a restaurant, club, massage, etc.) However, We do not publish listings for rental of existing hotels (meaning the entire hotel), or other kinds of businesses, or for land or residential property for sale. Listings are restricted to Siem Reap only, within 15km of Psar Chas.

We can decide to reject any listing for any reason. This website is primarily for foreigners. If a property appeals almost entirely to the Khmer market, it is probaby unsutable for our audience.

No Multiple Listings

When you are the first one to send us a listing for a specific residence of any kind, or for an apartment building with multiple units, the listing will be yours exclusively, even if the owner is working with two or more agents. We will not publish more than one contact for any one property.

There are two ways your exclusive rights can change:

  1. The owner notifies us that the property has become an exclusive listing with another agent.
  2. You can cancel a listing at any time and for any reason and replace it with another listing. However, any other subscriber can take the listing you cancelled and claim exclusive rights to it on this site if it has not already been rented.

Try Us Free Through July 2021 is free for consumers to use, but realtors and property owners will pay a small fee to publish listings. For realty companies, we are allowing five free listings per month through July 2021. That means you can have up to five separate listings online at any given time. If you want more than five you can subscribe for more at the prices below. You are allowed two free substitutions or changes per calendar month. If you take one or more properties off the market you can replace up to two of them per month free as long as you do this no more than twice in a calendar month.  The cost for extra substitutions/changes is $10 each unless you have a subscription described below.

Property owners who handle their own rentals get one free listing per month through July 2021. You can change the listing once a month free. Subscription rates below apply


For extra listings before 01 August 2021, you must be a subscriber. Subscription costs are based on the number of new listings you think you will publish per month. You pay in advance for three months or longer. You can increase the size of  your subscription at any time by paying the difference between the amount you paid and the cost of larger subscription for the remainder of the period you prepaid. You cannot reduce the number of listings your account allows. However if you renew your subscription, you can choose a plan with fewer monthly listings. There is no credit for any number of listings not used.

The "month" will begin with the date you submit your first listing and is considered as a calendar month. The number of listings shown below are the maximum number you can have on our site at any time. When any property you have posted on this site has gone off the market for any reason, you are required to inform us as soon as possible so we can either remove the listing. If you decide to remove a listing for any reason, you can replace it with a new one. However, another agent may claim that listing exclusively.

Introductory Rates for 2020/21

  • 6 to 10 listings per month: $25 per month
  • 11 to 15 listings per month: $45 per month
  • 15 to 20 listings per month: $65 per month
  • Unlimited listings per month; $75 per month
  • A one-time listing from an owner for a single unit: $25 for 45 days maximum, or until you cancel the listing.
  • One-time listing for multiple units: If you are offering more than one unit in a building (such as both one- and two-bedroom apartments or multiple similar units), or short-stay rentals in a multiple-unit building like a hotel or condominium, the fee is $60, regardless of the number of units offered for 90 days or $200 for one calendar year if paid in advance. You can change your listing details once a month with an annual subscription.

Rates are for standard listings. Premium listings are at an additional cost.

Three months prepayment is required except for one-time listings. If you pay for 6 months you can take a 10% discount. Pay for 12 months, you can take a 20% discount. If you pay for a full year before 31 October 2020 you can have a 50% discount on the fees above. If you pay for a full year before 30 November 2020 you can take a 30% discount. (Discounts cannot be combined.)

We can decide not to renew any company's subscription for any reason. Subscribers have no rights beyond the period of their paid subscription, including exclusivity. There are no refunds of any kind.

Featured Listings

Each of the three main property pages (houses, apartments, short term rentals) will show a thumbnail photo of each property in that category along with a brief description. Users click on the photo to see the page for that property. Three spaces at the top of the page are set aside for "Featured Listings." For all other listings, the most recently received property listings appear at the top of the page, below any Featured Listings, and the oldest at the bottom. Any subscriber can add a property as a Featured Listing for $40 per month if your subsciption is for only 5 free listings per month, or $20 if you have subscribe to six or more istings per month. The most recently-received Featured Listing appears as the third from the top and will eventually work its way up when and when any other Featured Listings are rented. The fee is in addition to the monthly subscription fee, and the listing must be one of those included in the subscription. Subscribers who have already used all of their allocated listings can add a Featured Listing separately for $95 per month. Subscribers at the "unlimited" level get two free Featured listings per month.

How This Works

We will provide an online form especially for you, your associates or staff to send us the information we need to publish a page for each property listing.

We will write the description, based on the information and photos you provide. (We are native English speakers with years of internet marketing experience, so we can do this better than just about anyone else.) We may ask you to clarify or provide more details. If you are unsure about your description, we are happy to visit the property with you to create a strategy for closing a sale.

You may not use the description, or anything that closely resembles what we write, on social media or anywhere else online or in print. Google punishes websites for "duplicate content." If we find you have abused this requirement you will have eight hours from the time we request that you remove the content you published on the other website completely. If you abuse this requirement a second time we will cancel your subscription with no refund and we may ban you permanently from this site.

We expect the details you send us to be accurate, complete and truthful. Please do not damage your reputation or ours by pretending a piece of charcoal is a diamond.

We will publish five photos per listing free. Additional photos are $10 each, although we believe that more than five actually reduces enquiry rates.

We have 30+ years experience with internet marketing and we know how to sell with photography, so please take our advice. We also know what kinds of decor and furniture appeal to foreigners, what should appear in a photo, and what should not. What is appealing or luxurious to a foreigner is very different than it is for Khmer people. If you have what we think is a hideous property, we will give you advice that will help you work with the owner to make the property more appealing to foreigners, if you are looking for foreigners to rent. We can take great quality photos for you for $20 per visit to the property.

Our objective is your success. Let us know how we can enhance the service we offer to make a marketing partner you can rely on to improve your business. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions in the form below, or email:

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