We can help you retire in Siem Reap

We Can Help You Retire in Siem Reap

For more reasons than we can count, Siem Reap is becoming a popular retirement destination.

We help people retire in Siem Reap. To get you settled and comfortable with your new home quickly, our simple program includes orientation, a classy homestay until you find a place of your own, assistance with everything from visas to real estate, banking, decorating your home, immigration matters, health care, and activities for seniors, plus simplification of most of your practical needs. We do all this for a flat fee that will save you time and a lot of frustration. Our fee is the same for either one or two people.

"Practical needs" includes domestic staff if you want help (you can afford it), cultural awareness and sensitivity training, and sourcing all the things you think you will need, whether it be a veterinarian, a BBQ, or services like landscaping or laundry. It is very likely that you need to know a about restaurants, health services or where to find those things you can't live without. You will have a concierge team at your service to help make the Siem Reap learning curve tolerable, from mundane things, like where to refill your cooking gas, how to get a taxi or tuktuk without standing on the street, getting your hair cut, or how to receive FedEx/DHL/UPS if your new home does not have an actual address (which is not uncommon here).

When it comes to sourcing things you want or need, we have you covered. If what you need is not available in Siem Reap, we probably know where to buy it in Bangkok so that you can have it in a day or two. Most newcomers struggle with things like installing internet or a phone, or finding someone to take care of your garden, or people who can a paint and decorate your new home. We may even be able to introduce you to new friends who share some of your interests. We are even considering  exercise classes designed specifically for seniors, and helping to organize other activities like BBQs, card parties, outings, classes and more.

Why Siem Reap?

Siem Reap is a joy even if you never go to Angkor Wat. Most people who relocate to SR fall in love with the incredible beauty of much of the town, the tropical climate, the laid-back vibe, the food and art scene, and especially the people. Some who have relocated here believe that it lies at some kind of cosmic crossroads that gives the town something intangible, but very special. (We cannot entirely disagree.)

In a Facebook group recently someone considering moving to Siem Reap asked "Why Siem Reap?" The responses went on for a few days, but here are a few representative, unedited comments:

"The people! The Cambodian people are amazing. There are some struggles living here, but the good outweighs the bad. I like Siem Reap because I have access to everything I need yet I can live in an area outside the city. Best of both worlds. I didn't LOVE Cambodia when I first moved here, it took a couple years. But now it is my forever home and I can't imagine living anywhere else."

"Easy Visa requirements and 'affordable' rent...and the cops have no guns! (They do not need to.)">

"The people are remarkable. Neighbors who I have not met smile and wave at me. I live on an unpaved road and when people on motorbikes see me walking they ask if I need a ride. The cost of living, the climate, the culture, the food and arts scene, the laid-back lifestyle, the forest we live in and the vibe all help."

"Mellow here in Cambodia...US$ or local currency that is easy to understand,... international cuisine, friendly but Not Fake people... Love it!"

"Large selection of restaurants, weather, easy access to airport, great running and bird watching. Oh, and a half-Khmer daughter. Could do with more craft beers."

" I believe in Ley Lines - there is a special energy at play in SR." (Numerous people agreed with this.)

"For me this is Malaysia 30 years ago....People with smiling faces, wooden houses, lovely banana, mango, guava, coconut, rambutan, mangoesten, and jackfruit trees. You can bicycle in kampong area with river bank its so nice always reminds me back home at night I can watch firefly...."

From a Cambodian who is also part of this FB group: "Just bcoz we have a great smile! We don't care where you from, but we care who you are!!! It's doesn't matter where you wanted to be in Asia. But all that matters where's in Asia can make you feel home away from home."

"My Khmer friends, food, Bakong United football, countryside, I live in peaceful country not at war like mine."

"50 cent beer"

"It's the only country that doesn't have a criminal extradition agreement with my homeland."

Well, the last two are not exactly "representative." However, Cambodia produces some of the best beers in Asia, and people here enjoy consuming a lot of it. Banks here do not report or disclose your account to the IRS if you are a US citizen.

There is plenty of world-class medical care in Siem Reap, including a hospital operated by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services with highly qualified specialists. You will probably not have to worry about having to fly somewhere to get competent care, even for a major condition. If you do, the hospital is 10 minutes from the airport and Bangkok is 50 minutes away.

Bangkok, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Vientiane, Saigon, Da Nang, and Hanoi are less than an hour away by air, so exploring Southeast Asia using Siem Reap as a base is easy. There are direct flights to Phuket, Seoul, Busan, HOng Kong, Macau, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and may cities in China. Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, is only half an hour away by air. From there you can travel nonstop to Tokyo, and Yangon. You can reach most of the rest of the world through Saigon, just about an hour away.

How We Make Our Magic

Before you arrive will send you an extensive questionnaire so that we will already be old friends by the time you arrive. Our team will meet for a few hours to discuss the information you provide us. We will not share any of this information with anyone else unless there is information that is not risky to you that we need to finish people who will provide services to you

We greet you at the airport and deliver you to Villa Khursani, a very unique residence where you get up to thirty nights stay, including daily breakfast.

Early in your stay you will get a two-day orientation tour of Siem Reap town by tuktuk with daily lunch in one of the local restaurants we love ourselves. You will need to know where basic services and merchants are.  We will even visit the three most important supermarkets in town and show you some specialty retailers as well. You will also visit a public market where most Khmer people do their shopping, If you have household help later, they will probably shop here. We'll show you churches if you like, where to have shoes made, top quality massage services. bakeries, butchers, and even the post office.

After our orientation you also get three days of Angkor Wat sightseeing with a private car, driver and licensed guide, including admission passes. Even if you have been here before there are many things you have not seen yet, so we customize this for you. You also get a night at Phare the Cambodian Circus including round trip transportation.

If you make a decision to go through with retirement plans at this point, we will take you to apply for your retirement visa(s) so your stay will automatically be extended. We will give you important instructions about visas before you arrive so all of this works smoothly. Once your visa(s) are issued you will be able to open a local bank account. We'll recommend a bank based on our own experiences.

Even before you arrive you may have seen apartment or houses on this site that appeal to you. We will arrange for you to see those early in your stay. If you do not find one that ticks all the boxes immediately we will schedule appointments with two or more local real estate agents. Before you meet them we will brief you on what to expect, the questions to ask, and how to deal with people who often do not pay attention to what customers ask for.

Ultimately we can advise you regarding any household goods you may want to move. If your pets will be relocating with you we can help you with those arrangements. You'll also want to find a reliable pharmacy and, possibly, an insurance broker, SIM cards and a service plan for your devices, internet and possibly a land line telephone installed at home. We can also help you with language classes, social groups, domestic help, a driver if you plan to have a car, A regular PasApp and/or Tuktuk driver, gardener, centenarian, exercise class, yoga instructor, or anything else that will make you feel at home. We will also ask you about any medication you take just to make sure it is available in Cambodia. If it is not we will contact our sources in Bangkok and set up a plan to make sure you do not run out of anything that is critical.

Beginning with 30 days after your first arrive, or the date you move into your own residence if that is earlier, you will have access to one of our concierges to help you with "where do I find..." questions, brief translations, or situations that need to be solved. Things like paying bills in a new country or dealing with contractors of any kind have a learning curve and our concierge will help you through more quickly and painlessly than on our own.

What we cannot help you with: illegal/controlled substances of any kind, sex services, legal services (though we know legal professionals who can) although we provide you with information from the beginning about formalities and procedures you should expect, anything that is against the law or offensive to Cambodian culture or Buddhist faith, or Krispy Kreme donuts. (You can't get the here and they do not survive  a trip from Bangkok unless we pay someone to carry them.)

Your Temporary Home

Home for you before you find something permanent will be Villa Khursani, nestled in a tiny enclave of gated residences just across the river from Le Meridien and the Sofitel, behind Jaya House River Park, one of Siem Reap's finest hotels. This area is heavily forested and breezy, making it a bit cooler than the rest of the city. City center is 6 to 8 minutes away by tuktuk or "PasApp" taxi (something like a three-wheeled motorbike with a back seat like those often found in India). The Villa is eight to fifteen minutes from major hospitals. Most of the city's best restaurants are even closer.

Villa Kuhursani is a two-storey French-Khmer farmhouse with high ceilings, beautiful hand-painted tile floors, jumbo sized rooms. Our huge kitchen has a dining table that seats six for breakfast. The outdoor sala is great for dinner for two to ten guests in our well-tended tropical garden. The BBQ can handle something as big as a suckling pig.

The host has lived in Thailand and Cambodia for over twenty years. Before he semi-retired, his company had operations in ten countries, which required him to travel extensively. "Shopping is my religion," he says. so the villa is furnished with some of his extensive, eclectic collection of furniture, paintings, sculpture, objects d'art, curiosities and cookware. It's ;a "villa" because it is within a wall with a gate, as most homes are in this tiny pocket of leafy Siem Reap not far from the Siem Reap River.

"Villa" is not unsuitable for a grand house with a big personality like this one. On the edge of a forest there are lots of butterflies by day and crickets at night. The villa is between a monastery and a major temple, so you will often hear monks chanting and temple music. You don't get any of this in a hotel. You are eventually going to be living here in a home or low-rise apartment, so life in the Villa helps you get accustomed to real life in Siem Reap. Living here is a genuine slice-of-life experience. The garden is quite serene during the day. Transportation around town is only a phone call away. The villa's friends include tuktuk and taxi drivers who are never far away and know exactly where to find the villa.

Have questions?

Did we leave something out? If you have a question click/tap here to contact us and a human being will answer you as quickly as we can. The more details you give us, the more fully we can respond with answers.